What's new with the Resilience at Work (R@W) Toolkit?

What's new with the Resilience at Work (R@W) Toolkit?

Who are we? Working with Resilience is an international consortium of practitioners and researchers who build resilience at work.

Employee resilience - the capacity to manage the everyday stress of work and remain healthy, rebound and learn from unexpected setbacks and prepare for future challenges proactively.

RAW Scale Accredited User Update
International Expansion

It is hard to believe that it has been 10 months since the last update.  This makes this newsletter almost a year in review.  

First, a warm welcome to all of our new R@W users.  We have continued to expand our network in Australia and New Zealand and following a workshop in London have also increased our European reach through our distributors Pierre Naquet (Europe) with IWD-Europe and Paul Chudleigh (UK).  We also welcome on board Dr Catherine Carr who is keen to promote R@W in Canada and Professor Craig Runde in USA who was thwarted last month in delivering our first Mexican R@W workshops by the dreadful earthquake there.

R@W Resources & Toolkit

As most of you know, we have extended the R@W Individual Scale to include measures of team resilience (R@W Team) and leadership resilience (R@W Leader).  The leadership measure has a self-rating and 180-degree version. We are offering a Day 2 accreditation for existing R@W Individual users.  As far as we know this is the first systemic approach to building workplace resilience.  The R@W Toolkit is flexible and you can use one, two or all three measures together - depending on your need.  Our latest publication, the R@W Team Workbook (Also in French version). is a great guide to creating sustainable and targeted change in a team.  There are now workbooks to support each of the measures.  These compliment the two existing books and are designed for use in workshops and coaching.  

As well as being used in resilience workshops and coaching, the scales are now being integrated into leadership programs and for organisational interventions.  They continue to resonate across all occupations and levels.  As an example, we are facilitating a large number of workshops in the defence construction industry where there is considerable downsizing, with academics undertaking major university restructuring, with the water industry which is under pressure from consumers and with hospitality companies keeping up with expansion and market disruption.


It has been a long three-year process but we are close to getting our team resilience scale research published.  As long as nobody beats us to it, our paper will be the first scientifically developed team resilience scale in the literature.  We are hoping it will create strong interest.  There continues to be growing research internationally using the R@W Scale.  Recent examples include resilience programs with US paediatric physicians, age differences in resilience (UK), resilience of insurance employees in Thailand, customisation of resilience programs in Canada and mentoring and resiliency in the Philippines.  We are also aware that our R@W models are being integrated into leadership programs.  Closer to home we are collaborating with R@W user Angela Powell and the University of South Australia to research the building of resilience in psychology and social worker students.  We are always open to discussing research opportunities and potential collaborations.  Call us.


I have continued to speak at conferences and to industry with two presentations coming up this month for the Australian Safety Institute and Human Factors and Ergonomic Society.  Recently we presented to the Australian Human Resources Institute and to 80 defence scientists in Melbourne.

Organisational Resilience

Cyber security, risk management, OH& Safety and emergency management specialists are now grouping their skill-set under the framework of 'organisational resilience'.  I presented at the Risk Management Institute of Australia (RMIA) national conference and while all acknowledged that workplace culture has a big impact on the success of their work there seems to be a lack of integration of these functions with employee and team resilience.  I am contributing to the RMIA white paper so please look out for opportunities to partner with people working in this space.

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What's new with the Resilience at Work (R@W) Toolkit?

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