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The original framework

The original framework calling for agile leadership is a four part approach adopted by the Institute for Workplace Dynamics which incorporate the way you look at yourself, the way you look at others, the way you look at your work and the way you look at the universe. Self-awareness, self-mastery and understanding behavioural dynamics are key to a sustainable performance, satisfaction at work and success.

The areas of expertises

Institute for Workplace Dynamics

At IWD Europe, our coaches help clients to identify areas of developpment through self awareness and in their interpersonal relationships with key staff members through tailored training programs.


Our Questionnaires & Tests

IWD Europe represent in Europe a serie of approaches and related tests

Conflict management

How to deal with conflict appropiately

Entrepreneur mindset

How your mindest helps you succeed

Resilience at the Workplace

How to face difficult situations and thrive

Trust Dynamics

How trust influences your impact on others

Self Worth Indicator

How to reinforce your self-esteem and gain power

Value Preference Indicator

How your values impact your decision making

Emotional Derailer

How to understand the impact of your emotions

Mind Dynamix indicator

How does the brain work

Leadership Tensegrity Indicator

How behaviors are intertwind

Personal Style Indicator

How your style defines your influence and credibility

Collaborative communication

How you speak and how you listen


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