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At IWD Europe we teach the right behaviors in order to develop, maintain and optimize your leadership capacities and competences to achieve perfomance.

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    The european Institute for Workplace Dynamics

    IWD-Europe is a Paris-based learning, training and coaching organization with a focus on interaction and workplace dynamics. IWD-Europe is a leading organization and reference in Europe on self-awareness and self-mastery programs for individuals, leaders and  leadership teams.

    Founded by behavioral psychologist Pierre de Rohan Naquet, IWD Europe helps top level managers and executives to achieve their goals, enabling them and their teams to reach performance through self-awareness, self-mastery, and personal development thus empowering them to grow and excel in their roles.

    We partner with like-minded people and organizations that are experts in their own right on self-awareness programs for personal development and performance, that agree that self-awareness is a gift and an enabler to achieve personal fulfillment.

    learning, training and coaching organization

    About our company

    We want to help those who want what we are best at providing

    IWD-Europe focuses its time and energy on enhancing and improving Leadership and its attributes.

    Creating sustainable performance and well-being at work, helping people achieve their goals and getting satisfaction at work.

    We help individuals, leaders, teams to achieve their goals not telling them what they have to do but more in sharing with them what they can do.

    We give them the freedom of having a choice.

    We train and certify coaches all over the world on our tools and models who are keen to help others, individuals, leaders and teams to better understand themselves and the impact of their behaviors in order to foster performance and well-being within their organizations.

    We provide development programs on Conflict management skills, Resilience at the Workplace, Emotional management, Entrepreneur mindset, Value preference, Personal style, Purpose and motivation, Self-worth, Collaborative communication (Working Together), Trust dynamics, The management of Power and Influence and the Dynamics of the Mind (a neuroscience approach for sustained performance)

    We believe in Performance, Personal achievement, and Well-being as well as in Serendipity and Synchronicity

    Being self-aware is the key to transformation and agility. It is the beginning of all things! It is the Meta-Skill of the 21st century.

    The reality is that individuals who understand and are clear about their preferences, tendencies, mindset, state, values, style, self-worth in a word are self-aware, are much more likely to play to their strengths at work and at home, to limit the negative impact of inappropriate behaviors and to get the results they desire. 

    Studies reveal that our attitude which is linked to our awareness can have profound effects on our well-being, that satisfaction with life increases dramatically with self-awareness, that people who are self-aware are far more likely to reach their goals, that they also understand their limitations and adjust their attitudes and behaviors accordingly to minimize any negative impact.

    They know what they really want, their awareness motivates them to take the best steps and actions to get where they want to be and where they want to go. 

    We believe in clarity and credibility in order to achieve the right level of influence and performance and it begins with being self-aware of our own strengths, areas of development and, potentials.

    Most people don’t see themselves quite as clearly as they could!

    We strongly believe that people have unknown strengths and potentials so being self-aware will allow them to act intentionally on how to achieve their potentials in tune with who they truly are.

    We believe in people and their uniqueness.

    The european Institute for Workplace Dynamics (IWD-Europe) is a Paris-based

    learning, training and coaching organization with a focus on interaction and workplace dynamics. IWD-Europe is a leading organization and reference in Europe on self-awareness and self-mastery programs for individuals, leaders and leadership teams. We believe that self-awareness matters more than ever.

    When you are not self-aware about your own preferences, gifts, talents and tendencies, it’s impossible to act intentionally. If you are not aware, you are living life day after day, year after year oblivious to your own thoughts patterns and beliefs.

    All of us have met people who are completely unaware that their behaviors and conducts are inappropriate and affecting others. They are clueless on their impact on others.

    For us, self-awareness is the meta skill for the 21st Century and foundational to everyone success. Research shows 95% of individuals believe they are self-aware, but further study shows that the actual number of individuals who were actually self-aware was only 10% (Ken Keis).

    Your self-knowledge and

    Your relationship to others and interactions

    The new spirit of leadership for creativity and innovation

    Your purpose and the meaning you give to your work
    Our areas of expertise

    Institute for Workplace Dynamics

    At IWD Europe, our coaches help clients to identify areas of developpment through self awareness and their interpersonal relationships with key staff members through tailored training programs.

    Tailored workshops

    We provide workshops which are tailored to integrate specific organizational contexts, business imperatives and individuals and teams’ realities :

    • Helping leaders succeed
    • Working together as a team
    • Improving Collaborative Communication skills
    • Resilience matters at the workplace
    • Constructive Conflict management and Dispute facilitation
    • Staying committed, working with Purpose and Values
    • Leadership credibility and influence
    • Leaders as Entrepreneurs

    Questionnaires and tests

    We use tests that are designed for individuals and corporate team building. It has helped all our clients in the search for leadership and team performance. Discover our 8 approaches and tests to know how to improve workplace dynamics, for instance conflict management, resilience at work, values preferences, and the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit… and more.


    Accreditation programs

    We train and certify coaches all over the world on our tools and models who are keen to help others, individuals, leaders and teams to better understand themselves and the impact of their behaviors in order to foster performance and well-being within their organizations.

    Our assessment tools are related to these models and deliver to organizations, leaders and their teams comprehensive and integrated workshops on leadership performance sustainability. Find out more about our coaching programs for corporate performance development.


    What do you know about conflict in the workplace ?

    Are you able to manage conflict at the workplace?
    For us, self-awareness is the meta skill for the 21st Century and foundational to our success. Research shows 95% of individuals believe they are self-aware, but further study shows that the actual number of individuals who were actually self-aware was only 10%. (Ken Keis)  
    Can you avoid a conflict at the workplace?

    Workplace conflict is inevitable. One study found that 54% of managers/supervisors spend 30 to 50% of their time dealing with conflicts at work. Of the participants in the study, 36% said they were ineffective in dealing with conflicts or mishandling them. Overall, 87% rated that theirs ability to handle difficult situations effectively was extremely important to their career.

    Conflict managed constructively is productive.

    It becomes a ressource. It generates crucial information, creativity, spots inefficiencies and unnecessary costs as it unearths opportunities. Left unrecognized and unattended conflict becomes a liability to effectivenes and retention. 

    Are you aware of your behaviors


    their impacts on your performance at work ?


    Our Areas of Expertises

    Circumstances are beyond our control but our behaviors are in our own power. An integrated and systemic approach to performance and well-being based on managing behaviors dynamics at the workplace. 

    Conflict management

    how to deal with conflict appropiately

    More about conflict

    Workplace conflict is inevitable. One study found that 54% of managers / supervisors spend 30 to 40% of their time dealing with conflict at work. Overall, 87% rated their ability to handle difficult situations effectively as extremely important to their career.

    Conflict managed collaboratively and constructively is productive. It becomes a resource. It generates crucial information, spots inefficiencies and unnecessary costs as it unearths opportunities. Left unrecognized and unattended to, conflict becomes an expensive liability.

    Managing conflicts begins with being better aware of your conflict behaviors
    Let us introduce you to the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP)

    For more information, contact us

    Entrepreneur mindset

    How your mindest helps you succeed

    More about entrepreneur mindset

    The past decade has seen a striking amount of interest in all thing’s related to entrepreneurial leaders, entrepreneurial mindset, and entrepreneurial ventures large and small.

    Much of what has been written about entrepreneurs is largely theoretical or anecdotal.
    The effort to understand the entrepreneur have taken a variety of forms, some of them quite clearly and narrowly focused on entrepreneurship per se, and others more generally concerned with related concepts such as innovation and creativity.
    So, Eckerd College (USA), IWD-Europe strategic partner has designed a validated set of variables that clearly distinguish between entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs, in order to create a tool measuring these variables.

    Do you believe that entrepreneur mindset is one of the 21st century essential attribute?

    Let us introduce you to the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP)

    For more information, contact us 

    Resilience at the Workplace

    How to face difficult situations and thrive

    More about resilience

    Personal Work Resilience is the individual capacity to manage the everyday stress of work and remain healthy, rebound, learn from unexpected setbacks, and prepare for future challenges proactively (Kathryn McEwen).
    Resilience At Work Scale (RAW-S) is targeted specifically to the workplace; it gives a simple and powerful guide both to areas of behaviors which are successful as well as sub-optimal behaviors to be modified and developed.
    The approach focuses on how to build resilience within the workplace. This has become an imperative as the landscape of our work has and will continue to shift dramatically, with constant change, higher workloads, and expectations together with increasing complexity and ambiguity.

    Understanding, maintaining, optimizing and managing up your level of resilience is a leadership competence.

    Let us introduce you to the Resilience At Work Scale (RAW-S)

    For more information, contact us

    Trust Dynamics

    How trust influences your impact on others

    More about trust dynamics

    More than ever, there is a need for trust in workplace relationships. Organizations and people face increasing challenges; some associated with growth and expansion, others with downsizing or restructuring. Although change and transition have become commonplace, our need for trust-based relationships endures. Why? Because of one simple truth: business is conducted through relationships and trust is the foundation of effective relationship.

    Understanding the complexity of trust and betrayal is challenging work, yet necessary.

    Let us introduce you to the Leadership Trust Scale (LTS) and the 3C’s of Trust Dynamics.

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    Self-Worth Indicator

    How to reinforce your self-esteem and gain power

    More about self-worth

    Self-worth is the part of the human personality that determines personal value and importance. It is the area of our thinking that evaluates our behavior, appearance, feelings, thoughts, and abilities. It outlines both the level of appreciation we have for ourselves and the way we feel about our inherent worth, what we believe we need to be or do to have value as a person.
    There is debate in the psychological community about the degree of impact our levels of self-worth have in our life and the specific strategies that best assist us to improve our self-worth. Self-worth is not only a source of motivation and personal energy to engage in life, but it also reveals areas of psychological vulnerability.

    To say that self-worth is a basic human need is to say that it is essential to normal and healthy personal development.

    Let us introduce you to the Self-Worth Indicator (SWI).

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    Values Preference Indicator

    What is important to you and allowing you to make the right decision.

    More about values

    A value is something that has great desirability or worth to you—it is important enough that you spend time trying to obtain or keep it as part of your lifestyle. Your values reflect a vital part of who you are. Knowing what is most important to you and why, can be helpful for making meaningful decisions in all parts of your life. People who are confused and unclear about their values often have difficulty making the bigger decisions in life because they do not know themselves well enough to decide what would be best for them.

    Do you know your values and are you living your life according to them!?

    Let us introduce you to the Values Preference Indicator (VPI).

    For more information, contact us

    Emotional Derailer

    How to understand the positive and negative impact of your emotional state

    More about emotional derailer

    When under pressure, most people will display certain counterproductive emotional tendencies. We refer to these as "risk factors." Under normal conditions these characteristics may be strengths. However, when you are tired, pressured, bored, or otherwise distracted, these risk factors may impede your effectiveness, performance and erode the quality of your relationships with customers, colleagues, and direct reports. Others may be aware of these tendencies but may not give you any feedback about them. Your boss may even ignore them.

    Let us introduce you to the Hogan Emotional Derailer (HDS)

    For more information, contact us

    Mind Dynamix indicator

    How does the wiring of your brain impact you

    More about mind dynamix

    Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system. It is a multidisciplinary branch of biology that combines physiology, anatomy, molecular biology, developmental biology, cytology, mathematical modeling, and psychology to understand the fundamental and emergent properties of neurons and neural circuits.

    Your brain is your brain. It is one of a kind and unique to the individual and for this reason is beyond monetary value.
    In the absence of an “operating manual” for your brain, the Mind Dynamix Profile serves as a brief on how to extract the maximum benefit.
    The decisions and control of how or whether to apply the insights remain in the hands of the client. Our aim as Mind Dynamix coaches is to objectively, and functionally, bring these insights to light.

    Let us introduce you to the Mind Dynamix Profile (MDP)

    For more information, contact us

    Leadership Tensegrity Indicator

    How behaviors are intertwined and impact your whole behaviors

    More about leadership tensegrity

    The Leadership Tensegrity approach gives an opportunity for organizations, leaders, teams, and individuals to see and understand the 8 major leadership dimensions that IWD-Europe considers as having an impact on performance & well-being. They will grasp in one glance, the dimensions which need enhancement, the areas of development, the areas of strengths in each of the dimensions, and the interrelationships and the inextricable intertwinement between these 8 leadership dimensions.

    Let us introduce you to the Leadership Tensegrity Indicator (LTI)

    For more information, contact us

    Personal Style Indicator

    How your style defines your influence and credibility

    More about personal style

    Understanding your Personal Style and increasing your credibility.
    Your personal style is your natural way to observe, approach, and interact with the environment, which includes time, people, tasks, and situations. Personal style is only one part of your personality.
    Research reveals you are born with a personal style and that it is consistent throughout your lifetime.
    Many factors determine your personal style and how much rigidity or flexibility you demonstrate. Your personal style is created by a complex set of behaviors and attitudes that strongly affects the way you present yourself to others. Theory and research indicate that four main styles are useful in describing human behavior.

    Understanding these four styles and their interactions will guide you to better understand your own and others’ tendencies and provide increased clarity in self-understanding and improved relationships with others.

    Let us introduce you to the Personal Style Indicator (PSI)

    For more information, contact us

    Collaborative Communication Skills

    How you speak and how you listen

    More about collaborative communication

    Communication is the process by which relationships are created, maintained, altered, and sometimes destroyed. In business, the success of projects, products, and services depends in large part on the quality of working relationships. Companies spend large sums of money on technology — hardware and software — to create and maintain an effective electronic “common operating system” for processing and sharing information throughout the organization. Of equal importance is the “common human Communication Operating System” in the company.

    Aware of it or not, every person, team, department, and the organization itself has an effective Communication Operating System. This is how people talk and listen to each other inside the company — up, down, across — and outside with customers and vendors. Each entity contributes to a culture that impacts decision- making, conflicts, morale, resilience, innovation, trust, retention, productivity, and profitability — in short, enhances or dampens organizational effectiveness.

    Let us introduce you to the Collaborative Communication Skills (CCS)

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    Training accreditation

    Becoming an Executive Coach & Advisor

    IWD-Europe helps you become an executive coach. You will be joining a team of  independant consultants dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organizations achieve their goals by improving leadership skills, engagement, competitiveness and innovation while fostering better productivity and performance with a culture of satisfaction and peace at work.

    La certification qualité a été délivrée au titre des catégories d'actions suivantes :

    Documents - Formations habilitations 🇫🇷

    Documents for training and accredition

    Only the French ones are available at this time

    * En téléchargeant et soumettant le formulaire de préinscription de formation habilitation,
    vous acceptez que vos informations saisies soient exploitées dans le cadre de votre demande et de la relation commerciale qui peut en découler.

    * Downloading and submitting the accreditation training pre-registration form implies your consent that your provided information will be used
    pertaining to your request and the commercial relationship that may result from it.

    Meet IWD

    Our Board Members
    & Management Team

    Pierre de Rohan Naquet
    President of IWD Europe, leadership adviser and speaker
    Georges Goldman
    Senior consultant, coach
    and writter
    Craig Runde
    Senior consultant, coach, speaker
    and writter
    Olivier Maillard
    Senior consultant and
    client management
    Meet our partners

    Our Strategic Partners

    We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined
    and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be
    Dawn Klatzko
    Mind Dynamics Institute (Johannesburg, South Africa)
    Dennis & Michelle Reina
    Trust Dynamics (Montpelier, USA)
    Kathryn McEwen
    WWR (Adelaide, Australia)
    Aude Besnainou
    international hr advisory (France)
    Sherod Miller
    Communication Skills (Evergreen, USA)
    Ken Keis
    CRG Leader’s Ressources (Canada)
    Phil Lawson
    (Evergreen, USA)
    Eckerd College
    (Saint Petersburg, USA)
    Martial Le Terrier
    Media consulting (Paris, France)
    Yasmine Zigha
    Website & Média, YAZZIE (Paris, France)
    Meet our partners

    Our Business Partners

    Frank Stratus
    Vianneytte de Quelen
    Sule Kutlay Gandur
    Arnaud Funk
    Mary-Lou O'Kennedy
    Paul Chudleigh
    Catherine Carr
    Laetitia Slous
    Alexandrine de Lavallette
    Guido Prato Previde
    Mark Rosenberg

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    Our last videos

    Reina Trust : Trust building for faster growth

    Faster growth, confident leadership, stronger teams and soaring profits : what trust building is all about. Interview of Dennis Reina by Pierre de Rohan Naquet (IWD-Europe.com)

    Resilience @ Work accreditation

    Replay of the webinar introducing the RESILIENCE AT WORK accreditation program by IWD Europe.

    Working With Resilience IWD

    Watch and listen to the incredible interview with the very talented Kathryn McEwen who has developed a holistic, systemic, and practical approach to deal with the need for Resilience at the Workplace. 

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