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A change of mindset and behaviours for sustainable performance Different times demand different types of leaders. Today, organisations are facing changes on a scale comparable to those that preceded the […]



  Who are we? Working with Resilience is an international consortium of practitioners and researchers who build resilience at work.   Employee resilience – the capacity to manage the everyday […]



When workplace conflict occurs, which it inevitably does, most people prefer to avoid it. While this approach provides temporary respite, the conflict rarely goes away. Instead, it festers, which can […]

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The areas of expertise

Circumstances are beyond our control but our behaviors are in our own power.
An integrated and systemic approach to performance and well being based on managing behaviors dynamics
at the workplace.


Unresolved workplace conflicts can cost an organisation a great deal of time, money and stress. They inhibit actions, hamper innovations, drain energies and create negative working dynamics. Conflict is an […]

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Personal Work Resilience is the individual capacity to manage the everyday stress of work and remain healthy, rebound, learn from unexpected setbacks, and prepare for future challenges proactively (Kathryn McEwen). […]

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Entrepreneurship is a “game changing concept that can help existing businesses succeed in the face of overseas competition (Lewis, 2012). The past decade has seen a striking amount of interest […]

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Mindfulness is defined as an initially non-judgemental attitude, where the attention is concentrated on the present, in which each thought, each perception or event is seen and accepted. The attention […]

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Hot Button Test

What gets you hot under the collar?

9 behaviors from others which may cause a high degree of emotional reactions and
irritations to you and may subsequently cause conflicts to occur.

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The company

The European Institute for Workplace Dynamics (IWD-Europe) is a Paris-based learning, training and coaching organisation with a focus on interaction and workplace dynamics. IWD is a partner organisation of Eckerd College Leadership Institute (Florida, USA) as part of its leadership development programs.
Committed to improving the quality of life in the workplace, helping individuals, teams and organisations to improve performance, competitiveness and innovation while enhancing the culture of satisfaction and peace at work.
IWD has exclusive rights to distribute the Conflict Assessment CDP and the Resilience scale R@W throughout Europe.

We also distribute the EMP Entrepreneur Mindset tool, the Value Preference Indicator VPI, the Leaders as mediator approach (MTI) and the Conflict Coaching Skills from the Cinergy model.

We also deliver comprehensive and integrated programs on Leadership and Performance Sustainability, using the 4 models – EMP-Entrepreneurship, the CDP-Conflict, the R@W-Resilience and the VPI- Values.

Our management team

  • Pierre de Rohan Naquet
    Pierre de Rohan Naquet President & Director for International Business Development & Country Partnership, Master Trainer +33 6 75 90 83 47
  • Pierre de Rohan Naquet
    Georges Goldman Partner & Board Member - Master trainer France +33 607475269
  • Pierre de Rohan Naquet
    Craig RUNDE Partner & Board Member - Program Designer +1 727-743-1767
  • Pierre de Rohan Naquet
    Olivier Maillard Partner & Board Member - Client service +33 6 32 92 79 22

Our country partners

  • Mary Lou O’Kennedy Director & Master Trainer OAK UK & IRELAND +353 086 82 42 303
  • Guido Prato Previde President & Master Trainer DECATHLON CONSULTING ITALY +39 03 71 32004
  • ​Pascal Legrand Master Trainer France +33 6 76 43 96 11
  • Cinnie Noble Founder & Owner CINERGY® CONFLICT COACHING Toronto, Canada 416-686-4247
  • Kathryn McEwen Managing Director WORKING WITH RESILIENCE Adelaide, Australia +61 8 8342 1797
  • Pierre de Rohan Naquet Executive Advisor International (EAI) International coach & Mastertrainer +33 6 75 90 83 47
  • Craig Runde General manager at IWD-Americas +1 727-743-1767
  • Laetitia Slous Master Trainer France +33 6 32 41 55 83
  • Georges Goldman Master Trainer France +33 6 07 47 52 69

Our Clients

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